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Mi Hyeon Lee
District Superintendent
Mi Hyeon Lee

Heather Calhoun
Executive Assistant
Heather Calhoun

Terri Romano
Administrative Assistant
Terri Romano

(573) 441-8878
3601 Amron Court
Columbia, Missouri 65202


Welcome to the Mid-State District of the Missouri Conference!

The Mid-State District has 83 churches throughout 14 counties in central Missouri. The churches are willing to walk together to transform the communities and the world through ministries and missions. We, as disciples of Jesus Christ, are called to love God and love others beyond ourselves and church buildings. With radical love, we become the hands and feet of Christ in our communities and the world beyond our limitations.  

Following the vision of the Missouri Annual Conference, we will increase new small groups where people are able to meet new people and build relationships in Christ, create new places for new people with innovative spirit, and connect with local schools to help children and teens in their academic challenges. 

If you are looking for a relationship with God and with others, have questions to ask in your life, or want to join a place to make a difference in the world, you are welcome to join us at one of the United Methodist Churches near your community. If you need any support to find a faith community,
contact the district office here.

The district office is located in Columbia and we are happy to support your deep relationship with God and with others.